What SEO can do for your Hair Product Site(s)

You’ve probably heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from internet marketing beginners as well as successful professionals. But while every one likes to name drop this acronym, you’re probably still not sure as to exactly what it is or how it can help your hair product business.

To understand SEO on a basic level, imagine a scenario where you’ve got a great hair product- whether its wigs, headbands or extensions etc- that people would be willing to pay for but you’re unable to sell it. Why? Because of the simple fact that no one’s aware of your product. You could make a great website for your hair product and if it does not get ‘traffic’ (internet marketing lingo for visitors), your hair product, regardless of how good it is, will fail to bring in the sales.

SEO helps you avoid the aforementioned fate by making your hair product website more visible to search engines and, consequently, to your target customers. SEO experts do this by creating and tailoring the written and technical content on your site in a way that best relates to your targeted keywords. This could include a range of services that include everything from keyword optimization to article and email marketing. The objective is to make your website a top result for your product category. So, for instance, if what you are selling is wigs and extensions, the  ‘search engine optimization’ process will be one that makes sure your website pops up in Google results when users search for ‘wigs’, ‘extensions’ and ‘hair products’ etc.

A common misconception about SEO is that it’s just ‘keyword stuffing’- which is actually a bad SEO practice that merely entails saturating your website’s content with as many of your targeted keywords, and as many times, as possible. In fact, such practices are now more detrimental than they are beneficial as search engines these days are smart enough to distinguish actual quality content from stuffed rubbish. And if your website uses bad SEO practices, it might get blacklisted by search engines and user directories even if the hair product you’re selling is actually high quality.

Good SEO practices are more about creating and presenting content that is relevant, interesting, useful and persuasive to your targeted customers. With the right SEO techniques, your website will go up in search engine rankings, develop its own following through the ‘domino’ effect and generate good word of mouth- all the while raising sales and creating new customers.

In summation, SEO can do wonders for your website and your product’s profitability. Just make sure you go about it in the right and effective way. As always, when in doubt, hire a professional!