Designing a Logo for your Hair Product

One of your assets closely related with your brand is your logo. A logo is a visual representation of your product and company and it carries connotations of quality, professionalism and aesthetics. Over time, you might become so successful that people might instantly recognize your logo from amongst the thousands of other brands on the shelf- which not only engenders brand identity but also brand loyalty. With your logo being such an important and lasting aspect of your company and product, you need to make the right decisions when getting it designed.

Above all, your logo should be a good representation of your company. Additionally, it’s always good to have a design that relates to your industry- whether it’s subliminally or explicitly. A big factor in the decision making process for your logo is your company name. You’ll need a logo that complements your company name especially if the name is going to be a part of the logo itself.  For instance, consider the following two logos we designed for two hair companies:

Logo for Julians Hair Salon
Logo for Julians Hair Salon
Logo for - Ireland based Hair Supplier
Logo for


As a company name, Julian’s isn’t too revealing as to what line of products the company makes.

But notice how we incorporated a wavy line that cuts across the entire typeface. That wavy stroke strongly resembles a lock of hair and in this way our logo for Julian’s connects the business name with the nature of products the company produces.

For HairWeavon, the approach was much more ‘in your face’. Not only does ‘Hair Weavon’ have a very revealing name but the logo incorporates a beautiful face illustration of an African American woman with gorgeously stylized lustrous hair. The logo not only makes a strong and clear statement about the company’s product line but also embodies the company’s target customers- African American women.

Of course, a design that works for one company/product might not work for another. Therefore it’s important that you choose a logo that’s the right choice for YOU. With all the options and approaches available, there are a lot of ways to make a logo for your hair business but keep in mind that all good logos have a couple of things in common: they’re unique, good looking and easily recognizable. Optionally, but highly recommended, they bear a relation (however slight) to the company’s nature of business. If you’re unsure about what would be the right logo design for your company, just contact a professional logo designing service like ours. We have a vast experience of designing logos for hair companies and assisting them in building strong and highly individual brand identities- and we can do the same for you!