Hair Logo Design

Members of our team have designed countless logos over the years in a variety of industries. With our experience in the hair and beauty industry, designing logos is something we are good at. Since your logo goes almost everywhere you and your products are shown, it may be worth investing some time into researching what logo designers provide in their fees.

Our hair logo design process involves questionnaires, interviews and even giving you homework.  This helps us to create a logo design which will appeal to you and also be attractive to your target market.  We design at least 5 concepts.  We also include up to 3 rounds of revisions which fine tune for colors, fonts, and other details.  All our logos are designed as vector files so they can be expanded to large printed items such as a posters or down to mobile and social media profile images.  We can also include a “tiny” versions for favorites icons (favicons). In addition, you will own the rights to the logo so you can trademark the logo. The logo design process has taken as little as 5 days.

Our logo portfolio demonstrates our abilities to design logos for all types of organizations, including hair and beauty companies.