Sheer Fabric Bags

Sheer fabric bags are elegant and affordable packaging for hair extensions, closures and wigs. These fabric bags make it easy for online businesses to ship out hair products in standard packaging. They also makes a great impression when you hand deliver your hair. Since its quick to put hair products into fabric bags, they an excellent retail packaging option too.

The fabric bags have a drawstring which many customers tie into a classy bow. We recommend adding a hang tag on the draw string before tying into a bow so that your bag is customized with your logo, contact info, social media links, care instructions, space to fill in options like style, length, color, price and texture.

The most popular sizes of sheer fabric bags are available in our online shop

Standard 3x4 inch custom designed hang tag for Brazilian hair extensions, Pictured with our 6.5 x 15 inch sheer fabric bags
Lavender color 6.5 x 15 inch sheer fabric bag. Pictured with standard 3×4 hang tag and 20 inch Brazilian loose wave hair extension

Fabric Bags – Sizes and Pricing

There are multiple size options so that the bags can fit a variety of hair products in various lengths. You can put more than one bundle into one bag (depending on the type and length of the hair products)

Price per 100
Full width
Full length
Inside length
6.50 inches
15.00 inches
11.50 inches
12.00 inches
14.00 inches
11.50 inches
22.50 inches
25.00 inches
21.75 inches

The most popular sizes of sheer fabric bags are available in our online shop

Fabric bag colors

All sizes are usually available in the following 20 colors:
Fabric Bag Packaging for Hair extensions, closures and wigs

Since the sheer fabric bags are not customized with a logo, they work great with an optional hang tags and stickers as shown in pictures below:

Fabric Bag Hair Extensions Packaging and Wigs Packaging

See more hang tag pictures on our hang tag portfolio page


  1. At this time we do not provide customization of the sheer fabric bags
  2. Shipping and taxes are additional.
  3. Price current as of August 1, 2015. Prices subject to change and additional terms may apply. Not valid on previous orders.
  4. Minimum order is 100 bags, in the same size, and in one color.
  5. Quantity discounts above 500 bags (per size and color) are available.