How to sell your hair products online

Thinking about taking your hair business to the ‘world wide web’? Done the right way, this decision will help you grow your business immensely by introducing it to a wider audience. However, there are several things you need to consider before you take this important step. Here are a few useful tips to help your move to the Internet as smooth and profitable as possible!


The first step for most hair product companies is to develop your own website. Your website is like another office for your business except it’s located in cyber space. In creating your website, you need to come up with web design and content that complements your hair product in the best possible way. A well-designed site that provides all necessary information about your product and your company is the bare minimum these days. And because your website will also be used to sell the hair products online- and not just promote them- you will need a reliable and effective e-commerce solution. Your online store will need to have a secure payment system and be properly structured and maintained to ensure efficiency and safety. You might also want to run a blog on your website to post related articles and updates.


These days, your hair business needs to have presence on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to be able to reach out to maximum customers and remain competitive. In fact, most start-ups do away with the necessity of having their own website altogether by having prominent presence on social media websites. Your company’s Facebook and Twitter pages will help you in easily promoting your hair product (by giving out all necessary information and updates), generating interest, gathering ‘followers’ and affiliates, and receiving feedback. Clearly you don’t want to miss out on such a huge chunk of your customers when they spend so much of their time ‘tweeting’!


It is not enough to just create your website and Facebook page and start waiting for the customers to come in. You must now promote your product online. You can do so by employing SEO techniques (email/article marketing etc) as well as by being an active participant in your industry’s latest happenings. Stay connected with other players in the hair industry, keep with the latest news pertaining to your product category (such as ‘hair shows’) and be on the alert for the latest internet opportunities you can exploit to your benefit. You can also promote your hair product in popular message boards (especially the ones that are about hair and beauty products), product and business directories and sponsor ads on websites and search engines frequented by your target customers.

The Internet is a great platform to sell your hair products on. With the right amount of work, your hair business will soon have a successful e-presence!