QR Code for https://hairpackaging.com

QR Codes and Hair Packaging

Have you suddenly started seeing black and white squares full of jumbled square dots everywhere?  Are you seeing them on everything from business cards and print ads to t-shirts and packaging? Don’t worry- your vision is fine. These particular little squares are called QR codes and, to jog your memory, here is a picture of one.

QR Code for https://hairpackaging.com
QR Code for the URL https://hairpackaging.com

A QR Code is a matrix barcode. The QR in the name is short for ‘Quick Response’ and their primary functions are information encoding and identification- same as traditional barcodes. However, while simple barcodes like UPC can contain limited information, QR codes can be used to encode a large amount of data- including everything from serial numbers and text to URLs. QR codes boast larger storage capacities and faster readability than traditional barcodes. And with the widespread usage of smart phones, users can now quickly scan a QR code- whether it’s on a print flyer or a T-shirt, through a variety of available QR codes apps and go directly to the promoter’s website.

QR codes started out in Japan as a Toyota project but they quickly found numerous uses outside the automobiles industry. Now every business- big and small- is scrambling to get its own QR code which they can use in promotional material to lead readers/viewers to their landing pages, offers and discounts etc.

QR codes help boost conversion rates. Instead of viewing a print ad or packaging- and instantly forgetting about it- users can use their smart phones to instantly scan the printed QR code and go directly to the company’s website. Once they are there, you can provide them with detailed information, showcase the entire range of your products and provide incentives for making a purchase. In fact, your print material should also include some incentive for the user to scan the QR code. By promising them a freebie or small discount, you encourage them to immediately scan your QR code and visit your website.

By using QR codes on your hair packaging and print promotional material (including flyers, posters, t-shirts, letterheads, business cards, etc.), you can give a boost to your web presence and lead your customer to all the important information and product offers that you can’t squeeze onto the print entities. To generate a QR code for your hair business, just go to websites like kaywa.com or use Google’s QR code generator.

QR codes present a superior alternative to traditional barcodes. By getting your own QR code and printing it on your packaging and other print material, you can increase your conversion rate and stand out from the competition.