Best Packaging Colors for 2013

The expression ‘balancing act’ is something we all relate to as we strive to find harmony in the frantic pace of our everyday lives. The same can be said for fashion as we look for balance between light and bright, classic and new. This season’s color palette emphasizes this need for balance, while at the same time allowing for individuality, self-expression and excitement.
Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

The New Year is here and it’s time to start it off with a beautiful palette that will color our entire year from fashion to packaging and shape our moods and inspiration for the next 12 months. Pantone just released its latest color report for 2013 and, keeping its spring agenda in mind, the palette is full of pastels and bright colors but with some welcome surprises.

Pantone Colors for 2013Deriving inspiration from the New York Fashion Week, the colors selected allow for self-expression, balance and renewed energy. Lemon Zest, Tender Shoots, Nectarine and Poppy Red are vivid, exciting and full of youthful vigor while Emerald, Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, African Violet and Linen add calm and serenity to the mix.  Monaco Blue sticks out from the pack because of its dark accents that add a touch of mystery, toughness and sexy to the 2013 palette- Spring would have been too wholesome without it!

As always, we have come up with some color schemes for you, using Pantone’s selection for 2013, that you can use to design your packaging and stay ahead of the trends in the New Year.

1. Lemon Zest and Poppy Red

Lemon Zest and Poppy RedFor the ultimate eye-catching packaging, we combined two of the most vibrant colors on the list- Lemon Zest and Poppy Red. If your target customers consist of young people who like excitement and bright colors in their lives, your hair packaging can reflect that personality type with this color scheme.

Use this color scheme carefully though. The result can be dangerously volatile!

2.  Dusk Blue and Nectarine

Dusk Blue and NectarineThis is quite the unexpected combination (suggested by Pantone themselves) that can produce rewarding results. Dusk Blue captures the calm that falls at the end of the day and provides serenity while Nectarine adds some fun to the mix by providing a dash of tangy flavor. Together the colors represent the balance between our needs for peace and excitement.

3. Linen and Tender Shoots

Linen and Tender ShootsLinen is airy and neutral. Tender Shoots is bright, active and cheerful. Together, they make for an understated combination that can be as open and nude as Linen or as invigorating as Tender Shoots. This is a safe color scheme if you aren’t sure what will connect with your customers as the combination will resonate with all age groups, genders and consumer types.

Once you have gone through the 2013 colors and decided on your favorites, do ask our hair packaging professionals for advice and further guidance. Depending on your specific packaging needs, we will be able to incorporate your color picks into a modern and functional packaging design that is high on aesthetic and on top of 2013 trends while still fitting your business needs.