Introducing Fabric Bags: An attractive and affordable packaging option!

The hair packaging industry is replete with box and plastic packaging. While these two dependable packaging types have served us well for a long time, as we move into the New Year, it’s time to spice things with up some packaging innovation. We at are always looking for fresh and effective ways to package and present our clients’ products, and we are proud to be the first to offer beautiful and functional fabric bags as a hair packaging option.

Our fabric bags are perfect for your hair products whether they are hair extensions, wigs or any other hair product. Here are 5 great benefits you get from using our fabric bags as your hair packaging:

1. Beautiful Packaging

Our bags are available in 20 different colors that you can choose from to best fit your corporate color scheme and branding strategies. The bags aren’t completely opaque- that gives them an ethereal, classy look and makes the product inside look even better.

Sheer fabric bags available in 20 colors
Sheer fabric bags available in 20 colors

2. Greater Protection

Our fabric bags will be shipped to you inside individual plastic bags (that are small, flexible and easy to ship) that not only protect them during the initial shipping process but can also be used by you to add an additional layer of protective packaging to your products. This is especially useful if you will be shipping your hair products to your customers.

3. Reduced Costs

If you are new to the hair business and want a cheap packaging option, fabric bags is the way to go. Not only will you save a lot of money on your packaging costs but you will also be able to incur lower shipping charges.

4. Easy branding

Fabric bags can be easily branded with your company/product name and other details using beautiful hand tags (which we also produce).

5. Volume Discounts and Perks

We require a minimum 100-bag order to ship you the fabric bags but we offer bulk order quantity discounts.

Fabric bags are a breakthrough for hair packaging and they clearly have the potential of being more than a current trend. Help your hair products stand out with fabric bags: the most beautiful and different packaging type available!

The most popular sizes of sheer fabric bags are available in our online shop