How to Choose the Best Colors and Typefaces for Your Hair Packaging

The packaging for your hair extensions, wigs and other hair products plays a very important role in the success of your hair business. However, when it comes to planning your packaging design, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the different design options and various looks you can choose from. Two of the biggest concerns in packaging are picking the right colors and typefaces. To help you pick what’s best for your hair business, we compiled the following tips:

Know your brand

The colors and typeface you will choose for your packaging design will not only represent your brand personality but also become an inseparable part of it. Therefore, before you dive into packaging decisions, it’s important for you to fully develop your products’ identity. Are you catering to the masses or an exclusive clientele? Does your target audience respond best to sleek and minimal designs or ornate patterns and celebrity shots? Do you want to position yourself as female brand or establish a generic unisex line? Answers to questions like these will help you pick colors and typefaces that correspond best to your brand’s individual identity.

Understand color theory

How to Choose the Best Colors for Packaging
How to Choose the Best Colors for Packaging

The colors used in packaging design aren’t picked just because they look ‘pretty’ or they are the packaging designer’s personal favorites. Each and every color invokes a particular feeling and gives off a different vibe. Pink can directly make your brand more amenable to a female consumer base, black can be used to represent sophistication and exclusivity, and bright colors like reds and oranges are often used to achieve a fun, youthful look. Depending on the brand image you are going for, your color palette might be anything from a burst of many different colors to a solid black.

Choose between serif and san-serif

Typefaces can be widely categorized into serif and san-serif types. Serif typefaces have tiny feet to their alphabets while san-serif fonts don’t.  For instance, the over used Lucida Handwriting is serif whereas the always dependable Helvetica is a san-serif typeface. Serif fonts are often seen as feminine, flowery, elegant and/or ‘handwritten’- which make them very popular for hair businesses. Generally, san-serif fonts are used to give off a modern, professional and/or corporate look.

As with colors, typefaces can also give a distinct impression that can augment or clash with your overall brand personality. For instance, you might be going for a ‘sleek, modern and sophisticated’ look but if use ‘Comic Sans’, you might end up being counterproductive.

Of course, you could always leave these decisions to professionals like us. We hear out your ideas and goals, and then design hair packaging that’s just the right fit for your business. Contact us now for advice and a free quote.