The Role of Packaging in Successful Brands

Just how important is packaging to a product’s success? Should you be concerned about your hair business if your product is high quality but your packaging isn’t? You are probably no stranger to questions like these and they are all quite valid and good questions.   Let’s take a look at a few popular packaging case studies to get some insight on the matter!

Coca-Cola Brand
Coca-Cola Brand
iPod Packaging
iPod Packaging

Great packaging makes great companies

Packaging is a part of your overall brand identity. For instance, take the Coca Cola brand and its packaging. The classic logo and colors, and the distinctive shape are as much synonymous with Coca Cola as the drink itself. You don’t even need to see the name of the company anywhere to recognize Coca Cola’s branding and packaging. Similarly, the gorgeous box packaging Apple uses it for its products creates a positive emotional feeling in its customers, and emphasizes and complements the entire Apple experience.

Bad packaging loses money

On the other end of the spectrum, the horrible plastic-and-hinges packaging for the original Star Trek DVD series created thousands of disgruntled fans. The studio ultimately had to do away with the packaging and resort to simple boxes.

Knowing your target customers and their preferences in product packaging can make or break your brand- and save you from thousands of dollars worth of loss.

Your packaging will create customers

If you are a new entrant in the hair business, you will face a lot of challenges in making a name for yourself. Your biggest concern will be trying to shift from being an unknown company to a popular brand that your customers can trust. However, when your potential customers will walk into a store and see your product for the first time, they will probably not know anything about you or your product quality. The only thing they will be able to see is your product packaging. And that’s why your product packaging can be your most powerful marketing tool if you use it correctly. Attractive, eye-catching and visually pleasing packaging could draw in customers and make them curious. They will want to find out more about your products, read what you have to say on the packaging and give your hair extensions or wigs a try. Over time, your packaging will become part of your cohesive brand strategy that will make you stand out from the competition.  On the other hand, if your packaging is unattractive, unimpressive or downright ugly, it will put off potential customers no matter how good your product is.

The truth of the matter is that appearances matter. Your packaging will decide whether your product makes a good first impression or sinks without a trace.