Your Logo: What, Why and How


Have you noticed how synonymous the ‘tick’ sign is with Nike or how the ‘bitten apple’ is all that Apple Computers needs to imprint on its products? Nike and Apple are two excellent examples of how a logo is instrumental in building a brand. Even if your company is not a global giant, you can benefit immensely from investing in a great logo for your company/brand.

A logo is the visual identity of a company or brand. It creates instant recognition within a customer’s mind without the need of text, descriptions or details. However, the logo can also be the name of your company or product written in a distinctive and stylish way. The logo of Starbucks Coffee is a combination of both text and motifs.


A logo not only brands all your products with your stamp (and therefore associates them, without a doubt, with you) but it also acts as an effective marketing tool. Customers can spot the visual appearance of a logo from a distance and its individuality can help your product be instantly differentiable from the competition on the same shelf. Your company logo can also help spread the trust your customers have in one of your products to your newest product. When customers see a new hair packaging product branded with the same logo as the one on their favorite brand of wigs, they will automatically favor the new offering. Additionally, a creative, attractive and professional logo can generate plenty of interest in itself and, therefore, most companies prominently feature their logos on product packaging. Quite often, the entire packaging design stems from the look and feel of the logo itself. Whether you want to milk your established brand or want to build a new one, putting your logo on your hair packaging is immensely beneficial.


Unless you’re great with graphics designing yourself, the best way to create a great logo is to hire professional services. There are a number of companies which specialize in creating logos. Most high-end services deliver excellent results but they can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. However, if you’re on a tight budget you can still get a great logo created.    Feel free to contact for more information.

Your logo is your identity and can have innumerable benefits. So make sure you incorporate it into your packaging design