Why Blogging is important for your Hair Business

In these days of ‘tweets’ limited to 140 characters, it may seem a little tedious to write a substantial article or blog post. However, as many small and medium businesses know, blogging continues to be a very powerful marketing tool. Here are 5 great reasons why you should maintain a blog on your hair business website:

Why Blogging is Important
Why Blogging is Important

1.       Connect with your customers

Facebook likes and twitter followers are all very good and valuable, but great, high quality content is what makes customers stick around and become brand loyal. Through your blog, you can post articles on relevant and useful stuff that makes your hair business stand out from the competition. Regular hair care tips and updates on hair industry news can make for an engaging and dynamic blog that you can use to build a readership and soft sell your services.

2.       Promote your products

Every one of your blog posts- whether it’s directly or indirectly related to your business and products- is a platform for self-promotion- whether you do it the soft sell way or the hard sell. Blog posts are a great way for positioning your hair business a certain way and developing your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Whether you are discussing hairstyles for different hair types or showcasing your newly launched hair extensions and wigs, your blog posts provide emphasis to your business.

3.       Improve customer service

To become a more customer centric company, you can use your blog to provide customers with helpful advice, tips and tricks. In addition to the previously mentioned hair care and hair styling content, you  can post articles on every day hair concerns that your customers will find useful. You can also use the blog as a discussion platform and ask your customers to provide comments and feedback.

4.       Increase social media presence

Your blog can be hooked up with ‘like’, ‘tweet’, ‘pin’ and other social bookmarklets/buttons that users can use to share the content on your blog. That way your customers can do the advertising for you!

5.       Establish yourself as an expert/authority

By blogging about all things hair, you establish your hair business as a leader or authority in the hair industry. The hair customer wants to deal with experts and industry veterans. By running a popular hair blog, you show that you have the knowledge, insight and success of a great hair business.

So what are you waiting for? Start your hair blog today!