Think “INSIDE” The Box!

5 reasons why Box packaging is the best option for premium quality hair.

Wig Box packaging and Headbands packaging for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
The Final Products – Wig Box packaging and Headbands packaging for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

If you deal in hair packaging- with products ranging from wigs and afros to headbands and extensions- you often have to make a choice between the two most popular packaging options: Boxes and plastic enclosures. While we’re all for creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’, for this decision we have to highly recommend using box packaging. Here are our reasons!


To ensure the success of your business, you need to give your customers the impression that you’re a professional and successful enterprise. When you use Plastic packaging for your hair accessories, some of the connotations you’re spreading are that your product was cheaply produced and that you didn’t put in a lot of effort towards its packaging. Whereas with box packaging you give the impression of a high-end product that your company has carefully created and packaged.


Customers these days are very knowledgeable and conscious about their choices and how they affect the world. We’re all highly aware of the ecological dangers of plastic as a packaging medium. With an increasing interest in ‘living GREEN’, the smart consumer nowadays supports products that use green packaging and avoids the ones that contain materials hazardous to the environment. With box packaging, you come across as a company that is conscientious about its role in the society and that supports environmental causes. Such a decision will definitely win you cool points with the ‘green’ customer.


Most business managers don’t realize this but box packaging is cheaper to produce than plastic enclosures. Box packaging helps you save time and money because you can get it made quickly and the minimum order quantity is quite less compared to plastic packaging. As a successful enterprise, you can definitely utilize your time and finances savings from box packaging towards other business activities.

Hair Extension Packaging Box
Hair Extension Packaging Box


Box packaging offers a great canvas for high quality designs and other customizations. Your packaging design looks much better printed on paper/cardboard boxes and you can add other attractive features like windows, embossing and foil stamping (in any color of your choice!)


Lastly, box packaging is much better at protecting your product from external damage than plastic enclosures. Because boxes are much more resistant to effects of heat, wear and tear and careless handling, your product is less likely to get damaged before it’s purchased. This helps you reduce spoilage costs.

Box packaging helps your product stand out, look good and leave a better impression on your customer. With so many benefits to be had, it’s a no-brainer for hair packaging!