Sheer Fabric Bags – Hair Extensions Bags – New Sizes

Sheer fabric bags are an affordable way to package your hair products and they work great with human hair.  Our sheer fabric bags do not cause static which may lead to matting and tangling like some other bag materials. These bags are easy for online businesses to ship out in standard flat rate packaging from UPS/Fedex or even the postal service. They also makes a great impression when you hand deliver your hair or display it in a salon.

Each fabric bag is individually packaged in a clear plastic bag which can be reused for an extra layer of protection. The bags have a draw string which you can tie into a bow. We recommend adding a hang tag on the draw string and before tying into a bow.

Pick any one color per 100 bags you order. All sizes are usually available in the following 20 colors:

Sheer fabric bags available in 20 colors and 4 sizes
Sheer fabric bags available in 20 colors and 4 sizes

There are multiple size options that the bags are available in that can fit any length of hair. Depending on the type and length of the hair products, you can put more than one bundle or wig into one bag.

The sheer fabric bags work great with added hang tags or stickers.

The most popular sizes of sheer fabric bags are available in our online shop