How Much Does Hair Packaging Cost?

Would you like our Design services only or do you require our Design and Print service?

Our specialized staff are available to guide you through the quick and easy process of design and will be happy to refer you to one of our worldwide contacts for printing.  Read below our simple checklist and then contact us to get your packaging started!


  • Would you like a logo?
  • Checkout our logo design portfolio for some ideas.
  • Do you have a logo but would like a logo makeover? No problem – lets talk!
  • Do you know what type of items you will be packaging? Hair extensions, lace wigs?
  • Have you decided on the style?  Box or plastic enclosure with header, insert, optional hang tag?
  • To help make your choice look at our photo samples below and check out how to come up with great packaging design


  • Do you know the quantity of packaging you will be producing?
  • Will your packaging be produced in the USA, Europe, China or elsewhere?
  • How soon would you like the turnaround?

Facts & Tips

  • A 15 inch box can usually hold 8 inch up to 14 inch hair lengths.
  • China offers the cheapest print pricing if you do not need your items quickly.