Colors for 2010 vs colors for 2011

As we move into the New Year, it’s time to take a look back at the definitive colors for the year passing by and the forecasts for the one to come!

2010 Color of the Year

Pantone PMS 15-5519 2010 Color of the year Turquoise
Pantone PMS 15-5519 2010 Color of the year Turquoise

Turquoise (PMS 15-5519) was, arguably, the most popular color choice for 2010. While it was initially touted as the leader among house paints, it has (like color usually does) also become a packaging favorite. Turquoise was Pantone’s Color of the Year and even Global Color Research’s pick, Verdigris (NCS S 2050-B80G) is quite similar to Turquoise.

The blue-green dominion was also apparent in major paints firm ICI’s pick for ‘Color of the Year’. Their selection, Icy Blue looks as good on walls as it does on packaging displayed on a store shelf. For the color gurus at ICI, Icy Blue represents, and rightly so, new beginnings, energy renewals, optimistic dynamics and limitless horizons. The color is airy, atmospheric and light. It is not garish or overpowering in the least and creates a pleasing visual sense.

2011 Color of the Year (forecasted)

Forecasted Color of the 2011 - Cirtus Yellow
Forecasted Color of the 2011 – Cirtus Yellow

The color forecasts for 2011 are in and they represent almost a total 180 from the blue-green infatuation of 2010. However, ICI’s pick for 2011, a certain shade of Citrus Yellow, retains the airy, open feel of the Icy Blue they selected for 2010. Their description of the Citrus Yellow seems like a natural continuation of the implications of the Icy Blue. While the latter was about new beginnings and fresh spirits, the Citrus Yellow is about freeing yourself and having fun. Yellow has always been associated with warmth and sunshine and the Citrus Yellow introduces a sense of calm and openness to it.

Benjamin Moore’s forecasted Color of the Year for 2011 complements Citrus Yellow quite well: It is a rich Vintage Wine that has been prevalent not only on fashion runways and in packaging designs but also at homes.

When designing your hair packaging, you can benefit immensely from the carefully researched and trend conscious color picks of the above mentioned organizations. However, keep in mind that the best colors are always the ones that complement your marketing message most effectively.