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Hang Tags for Extensions and Wigs

Hair Hang tags are a cost effective way to add your brand to your hair products. Hang tags can include your logo, contact information, social media links, bar codes, QR codes and/or hair care instructions. We can leave spaces to fill in variables like style, color, texture, length, price, etc.

All tags are printed on thick and luxurious paper stock. They are printed in color on both sides. By default, we print with round corners and UV (shiny) coating. If you would like matte (dull) coating or would prefer regular square corners please let us know when placing your order. The hang tags are drilled with one hole. Printing time usually takes 6-10 business days.

All hang tags include a custom design with the information you provide and variables you choose. Three unique designs and 3 rounds of revisions are created. If you already have designs you like, (existing business cards, social media, website) we can match their design styles and colors. Or, feel free to give us an idea of the type of design you are interested in and we will come up with a unique design for you. If you have colors you like, please inform us. If you have a logo, please send it to us in print file format. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure about if your logo is suitable for printing. Design time has taken as little as 3 business days, but it does vary. Design time is in addition to printing time.

Hair Hang Tag Sizes and Prices

Hair Hang Tags-Standard-Sizes from

Prices for 1,000 printed hang tags including custom design:
Small (3.5 x 2 inches) $250
Standard (3 x 4 inches) $360
Long (6 x 2 inches) $330
Square (4 x 4 inches) $430

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Logo design is a possible additional and separate design fee that is not included in this item. We may at our discretion, include a simple logo for you using a font you choose with your chosen name. If you would like a more elaborate logo, we can design one for you for an additional charge.

The fine print:

  1. Three unique designs and 3 rounds of revisions are included.
  2. Design time has taken as little as 3 business days, but does vary.
  3. Printing will be with the final design you choose.  Once the final hang tag design is confirmed by you, the printing will proceed and it is not possible to change the design.
  4. All hang tags are printed in color on both sides.  We print on rich, thick, 16 point stock.  One hole is drilled into each hang tag and the hole fits the width of the drawstring on the sheer fabric bags we carry.
  5. You can choose between UV (shiny) or matte (dull) coating on your tags. Our default is UV (shiny) coating. If you would like matte (dull) coating, please request it when placing an order.
  6. We print hang tags with rounded corners by default. If you would like square corners please let us know when placing your order
  7. Printing time usually takes 6‐10 business days.
  8. If you would like to reprint the same graphic design or would like a larger quantity contact us for a custom quote
  9. A custom logo design is an additional design charge and is not included in the prices mentioned for hang tags on this page.  If you already have a logo that your designer provided in print or vector file format, we would be happy to include it in your hang tag design.  Print logo files often have higher requirements than small logo files that are used for website or on social media.  If you have any questions about if your logo file(s) are print ready or print format, please feel free to ask us to confirm before placing your order. If you would like us to convert a logo, modify or design a new logo for you, a possible additional charge may be involved. At our discretion, we may include a basic text/font logo design.
  10. To ensure your project stays on track, please provide responses within 2 days.
  11. Shipping and taxes are additional.
  12. Price current as of December 8, 2014. Prices subject to change and additional terms may apply. Not valid on previous orders

The drawstring on the sheer fabric bags we carry is designed to thread through our hang tags holes. Combining sheer fabric bags with hang tags creates an elegant packaging that has your brand on it.

See pictures of hang tags in our recent work.

3.5 x 2 inch small hang tag by

Small 3.5 x 2 inch hang tag (front shown)

Standard 3x4 hang tag design by

Standard 3×4 hang tag (front and back)

4 x 4 inch square hang tag by

Square 4 x 4 inch hang tag (front and back)

6x2 inch long hang tag by

Long 6×2 hang tags (front and back)

Small Hang Tag with Hot Pink Fabric Bag

Small hang tag with hot pink fabric bag

3x4 inch standard hang tag with silver ink with pink ribbons

Standard hang tag attached with hot pink ribbon to hair extension bundles

peices of panache hang tag

Hexagon shape custom hang tag-front

Hexagon shaped 2.25 x 5 inch hang tag.  Maya hang tag for hair packaging.  Hang tag.  Hair Tag

Hexagon shape custom hang tag-front and back

Review many more images of hang tags in our recent work.

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