Boxes have been designed and printed for Hair Extensions, Wigs, Closures, Eyelashes and a variety of other hair and beauty products.

Hair extensions boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Boxes can have custom made dimensions so they fit your length(s) of hair. We recommend that the box should have at least your logo, contact information and care instructions. If you would like images of models or your hair products, those can be easily incorporated into the design. We suggest that the box match the colors and design styles of the other marketing material you have.

Design Costs

In the past we have completed box designs and set them up for printing in as little as 7 days. To design a box usually takes at least 5 billable hours. Estimates will vary depending on the project requirements.  You are charged once for your box to be designed. If you reprint the same design, the design fees will be waived.

Printing Costs

It is tough to estimate the cost of producing boxes without having the design completed. Once the design is complete, we know what is being printed and how everything will fit together. Then we can estimate the cost of materials, labor, transportation and other fees.  The quantity of boxes to be printed plays an important role in pricing since economies of scale are gained quickly.  For example, if printing 500 boxes costs $4 per box, when printing 1,000 it may decrease to $2.50 per box.

Our minimum order is normally 500 boxes per dimension and design.  So most box orders have a minimum printing cost of $1,500.

There is a minimum 7 day production time in our Atlanta, Georgia, USA facility.

A few tips from

In addition to boxes made out of paper or card stock, plastic  boxes are available too.  Plastic hair extension boxes are sturdy and great for shipping.  In our plastic boxes the hair extension is usually folded over an insert and then secured.  The folding cuts the length of the box down by half.  Shipping very long boxes may have additional charges from shipping companies such as USPS, Fedex or UPS.

Retail customers normally purchase 2-4 hair extension bundles per order.  We can design the 2-4 boxes to fit into a flat rate box from your shipper. This may save you the cost of purchasing an additional outer carton saving you money.

You can specify the dimensions of the boxes and what lengths of hair you would like them to fit.  Many clients put a range of hair lengths into a single box dimension.  For example 12-16 inch hair extensions may fit into a box that is 16.5 inches long.

If you intend on using the box in a POP display for retail sales, consider adding a hang tab.  A hang tab is a extra area at the top of the box with a hole for hanging the box on display hooks or rods.  If your business is strictly online, hang tabs may be optional.

Over the years we have created a variety of boxes in various sizes, using assorted materials and artwork.  Our recent work may give you some ideas if you are thinking of having a box designed and printed.